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Supporting Remote Employees | UMBC Industry News

This past week, UMBC’s I/O Psychology Graduate program hosted a free webinar with leading I/O and HR experts to discuss Managing Talent During COVID-19. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at ways managers can support employees while working remotely and some cool tech and science news.

Managing Talent During COVID 19 from IO and HR Perspectives [VIDEO]

Managing Talent During COVID 19 brings many challenges. Tune into this insightful session where UMBC’s I/O Psychology graduate program director, Dr. Elliot D. Lasson, engages the perspectives of IO and HR professionals. Learn more about UMBC’s IO Psychology graduate program:

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Scientific Wonders | UMBC Industry News

We learned this week that UMBC researchers have sped up analysis of Arctic ice and snow data through AI. It’s this kind of scientific work that showcases the innovative spirit of UMBC. In today’s industry news, we take a look at several scientific wonders that highlight the same innovative spirit of scientists doing important work.