Adam Lippe | UMBC Faculty in Focus

If you’re interested in ethics and law as it relates to the world of engineering and cybersecurity, check out this interesting interview with UMBC’s Engineering graduate programs’ adjunct faculty member, Adam Lippe. He explained why an understanding of ethics and law is essential for a student’s success.

data science world

The Data Science World | Faculty in Focus with Patty Delafuente

The data science world is complex, engaging, and always changing. Almost every industry sector is looking for new hires with data science skills. That includes industries like finance and insurance, manufacturing, public administration, healthcare, transportation, trade and more.

io Psychology Graduate Program

UMBC Faculty in Focus | Dr. Elissa Abod IO Psychology Graduate Program

Our Faculty in Focus today is Dr. Elissa Abod, Lecturer and Assistant Program Director of UMBC’s IO Psychology Graduate Program. Dr. Abod has over 15 years of applied research experience in the Washington, DC area. Her clients include the US Army, the FBI, the FAA, and state law enforcement agencies. IO Psychology Career Path Dr. […]