Weaving an Entrepreneurial Spirit into Science [PODCAST]

In this episode of UMBC’s Mic’d Up Podcast, we welcome alumna, Natasha Wedderburn ’17 & ’20, MPS Biotechnology & MPS Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership, to chat about weaving an entrepreneurial spirit into science when it comes to the pursuit of a new venture in community gardening and composting in Baltimore City.

Real-Life Benefits | UMBC Student Success Story

We had the pleasure of interviewing alum, Tom Hennessy, M.P.S. ’19, about his experience with UMBC’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership graduate program. He explained candidly how the program has helped him develop professionally and bring real-life benefits to his current position.

Active Listening: 6 Simple Steps to Productive Conversations

Some of the greatest conversationalists are those who actively listen to others. Leaders know this and make this part of their work life as well. They place great value on asking questions and then sealing their mouths closed as they listen to the answers that follow. They understand how to gather information from those answers […]

Two students writing transformative ideas on whiteboard.

Transformative Social Change through Community Leadership at UMBC [VIDEO]

The Community Leadership program at UMBC is designed to prepare aspiring and practicing leaders with the skills and experience needed to enact transformative social change. The interdisciplinary program emphasizes highly applied coursework, relationship building, and hands-on practical experiences which are essential components for developing strong leadership skills. These programs were designed with working professionals in […]

student using productivity hacks

Achieving Balance while in Graduate School | [VIDEO]

Graduate school can be tough on your personal schedule, especially when you have competing priorities. Learn how one successful graduate student at UMBC achieves balance while studying in the Master’s program Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership.