UMBC’s Declassified Post-Grad Survival Guide

The transition from college to the “real-world” can be hard, confusing, and especially demanding. You’ve always been asked, “what’s next”? In order to answer that question, here is some advice for college graduates.

Alumni Spotlight with Erica Young | Stories of Success

We interviewed UMBC alumna, Erica Young, to talk about her UMBC graduate experience. Erica Young graduated with a master’s in IO Psychology and a certificate in Instructional Systems Development (ISD).


Stories of Success: Sameer Khanna, M.P.S. ’15, Cybersecurity

When it comes to the cybersecurity field everything is in movement. Nothing stays the same. To operate in this dynamic industry requires a certain level of flexibility and a whole lot of desire to continue learning and growing as you journey through your career.

GIS graduate program student networking

Stories of Success: Liz Ducey, UMBC GIS Graduate Program

Initially, Liz Ducey came from a biology background with the goal of working in environmental science. She went on to gain graduate credentials and professional connections from UMBC’s Geographic Information Systems Program.