Master of Arts in Education Faculty

Jerri Frick

Graduate Program Director and Mathematics Program Coordinator

Jerri is the Graduate Program Director of the Master of Arts in Education (MAE) Program and a faculty member in the Education Department at the UMBC. She teaches mathematics content, mathematics pedagogy including culturally responsive instruction, and educational research courses to certified in-service teachers. Jerri received her M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Virginia Tech and an M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from Virginia State University. Before coming to UMBC to teach at the graduate level she taught mathematics in an inner city high school and undergraduate mathematics and mathematics education courses. Jerri’s research interests are in culturally responsive instruction and reasoning in mathematics.

Tracy Irish, Ph.D.

Science and STEM Program Coordinator

Tracy oversees the science and STEM (including Engineering/Technology Education) programs. The STEM MAE is an approved program for the Maryland State Department of Education’s PreK-6 STEM Instructional Leader endorsement. Dr. Irish’s teaching focuses on the science and STEM content courses as well as education courses on educational leadership. Her research focuses on STEM Education; specifically, on the nature of STEM education as an interdisciplinary concept in teaching and learning and the development of professional learning communities in advancing STEM education for all students. Her background includes extensive work in molecular biology research, high school science and technology education teaching, and as a program approval specialist at the Maryland State Department of Education

Deborah Kariuki, M.Ed., B.S.C.S.

Computer Science Program Coordinator

Deborah oversees the Computer Science MAE program as the computer science education content specialist. She is a faculty member in the MAE program. Before coming to UMBC she was a Computer Science Professional Development Specialist at the University of Texas WeTeach_CS STEM Center. Prior to that, she was a Curriculum Specialist and Co-creator at The University of Texas UTeach AP CS Principle Course which she trained teachers across the country.   Deborah is a highly awarded software engineer and educator. She sits on several boards to continue advocating for diversity and equity in computer science education. She has also taught every level of high school computer science from IB HL/SL, AP CS A/P, and all introduction computer science courses. Deborah’s research interests are in the area of equity in computer science education which she is pursuing as an INSPIRE CS-AI Fellowship at MIT Learning Lab.

Rita Williams

Master of Arts in Education Program Coordinator

Rita Williams is the Program Coordinator for the MAE Program. She received her BS in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Baltimore. Rita thoroughly enjoys working with and providing support to in-service teachers as they progress through the MAE Program.

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