Scholarships & Funding

Program-Specific Opportunities

Qualified students can inquire about scholarship and funding in the following programs:

Regional Graduate Tuition Rate

Tuition benefits for DC, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

UMBC offers tuition benefits for select graduate programs for students living out-of-state. Find out more about the Regional Graduate Tuition Rate here.

UMBC Alumni Scholarship

UMBC Alumni can get $1,000 towards graduate studies

You can qualify if:

  • You are a new graduate student admitted for the first time to an upcoming semester
  • You have received a degree from UMBC or will have received a degree from UMBC before you begin
  • You enroll in a degree seeking master’s or certificate program

See if you qualify for the alumni scholarship!

Financial Aid & Scholarships

See other opportunities

UMBC offers a range of financial aid and payment options so that all students may benefit from a UMBC education. Financial aid can come in the form of grants, work, student loans, parent loans, scholarships and other awards. Visit UMBC’s Financial Aid website to see what’s available.

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