Admitted Students FAQ

The information below is for all students admitted to a program within UMBC or UMBC-Shady Grove Professional Programs.

If you are a student attending classes online or in Catonsville and have additional questions, please contact

If you are a student attending classes at UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD, please contact


What is myUMBC?

myUMBC is UMBC’s community portal featuring links to online resources, group collaboration spaces, and community news, events, and discussions.

How do I create a myUMBC account?

Visit the myUMBC Web Admin page and select Create My Account. You will need your UMBC Campus ID number. If you are having trouble and need additional instruction, refer to UMBC’s Wiki page for Creating a myUMBC account.

How do I access my UMBC email?

Please refer to the information on the UMBC Wiki for information on setting up or accessing your UMBC email account.


Why can’t I register?

For information on how to register for classes, please follow the instructions on the UMBC Wiki on how to register for courses.  If you are having trouble, read through the following items below to see if any help resolve your issue.

  • Enrollment Has Not Opened
    Please make sure that enrollment has opened for the upcoming semester. You can see all the dates for the academic calendar on the Registrar’s website.

    For new students, enrollment opens on the following dates:
    • Fall: June 1
    • Spring: December 1
  • Verify you have created a myUMBC account
    You must create and activate your myUMBC account before you can register for classes.  Visit the myUMBC Web Admin page and select Create My Account. You will need your UMBC ID.
  • Verify you have accepted your admission
    Indicate whether you will be accepting the offer of admission by logging in to your myUMBC account and clicking “Accept or Decline Admission.” There may be a 24-48 hour delay between accepting your admission and when you are able to register for classes.
  • Verify if you need special permission to register for the course
    Check the note section of the schedule of classes to see if you need to request authorization.
  • Your program may require an enrollment deposit before you can register for classes.
    Some programs required students to make a non-refundable $250 deposit to finalize your acceptance before you can register for classes. This is not an additional fee; the deposit will be counted as pre-payment towards your student bill.

    If your program requires this deposit, you will receive instructions within your myUMBC account on how to pay once you have accepted your admission in order to finalize your enrollment. To view payment deadlines visit the Graduate School Deposit website

How can I defer to a future semester?

If you are unable to attend UMBC for the semester which you’ve been admitted and want to defer to the following semester, please fill out the UMBC Graduate School Deferral Form.


I just registered, when will I receive my bill?

E-bills are created based on when a student registers for courses. View the Student Business Services (SBS) E-Billing Schedule to find your bill due date.

Why am I being billed as an out-of-state student?

If you did not complete the Residency DocuSign form when you applied you are automatically considered an out-of-state student. Contact the Graduate School if you need to obtain the form.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! To learn how to access and pay your bill in myUMBC, refer to Student Business Services Online Payments.


Health and Immunization Forms

For information on health and immunization forms and how to submit them, please visit the Professional Programs Admitted Students Health and Wellness Checklist.

Campus Technology

What is Duo?

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) will require that all students be enrolled in the campus’ Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) account security service by the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.


For assistance with using Blackboard or your Blackboard account, please visit the Blackboard FAQs.

What technology resources are available/needed for students?

Please visit DoIT’s Student Technology Page for up-to-date information on technology resources available to students. 

Shady Grove Professional Programs Students

The information below is only for students who will be taking classes at UMBC at The Universities at Shady Grove. If you have additional questions, please visit the Shady Grove Professional Programs Admitted Student Website or contact

What’s the difference between a campus logon ID and a campus ID?

A USG campus logon ID is your unique username and password which will allow you to access computers at USG, library workstations, computer classrooms, secure wireless network, print 4 pay, and “library night owls.” 

A USG ID card is a physical card that will allow you to access Student and Academic Services such as the Center for Academic Success, Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources, Career and Internship Services, and the Center for Counseling and Consultation. Additionally, the physical ID card will grant you access to a myriad of Division of IT services and Campus Resources such as the Rec Center and reserving study rooms.

Am I required to have a USG ID card and a UMBC ID Card? Is one preferred over the other? 

You are required to have a USG ID card as a UMBC-SG student. Obtaining a UMBC ID card is optional. Please refer to the Campus Essentials: Shady Grove page for instructions on how to obtain your campus ID card(s). 

Can I take courses at the Catonsville campus?

Generally, yes, you can take classes at either campus. However, you should confirm with your graduate program director about needing permission to enroll in courses at the Catonsville campus. 

How do I learn more about available resources at the Universities at Shady Grove?

Please be sure to review Campus Essentials: Shady Grove. You may also visit The Universities at Shady Grove website to learn more about available resources for members of the campus community. Should you have questions, reach out to