Campus Essentials – Shady Grove

Welcome to our community of inquiring minds! These resources will help you arrive prepared on your first day of class.

For additional Graduate Student Resources and announcements, see the USG Graduate Student Resources.

Universities at Shady Grove Parking

Students at the Shady Grove campus have the option to purchase a parking permit or to pay for hourly parking. More information can be found at the USG Student Parking page.

Order your textbooks

Shady Grove students can purchase textbooks from UMBC’s Bookstore. The Bookstore’s online store links your courses with your assigned books for easy purchasing.

Get to know the campus

You can find the Universities at Shady Grove interactive map online. The campus is conveniently located nearby to the highway and to restaurants, grocery stores, and more. The campus also provides dining options and recreation centers.

Campus ID and Logon ID

You are required to obtain an ID for the Universities at Shady Grove, which will give you easy access to a variety of campus services. Students can submit the USG ID Card Services Request.  After you submit the form, a USG staff member will contact you using the email address submitted in the request form with additional instructions on how to make an appointment to pick up your ID card.

In addition to your physical ID, you will need a valid USG Logon ID to access many services. Information to obtain a Logon ID will be provided during Orientation. In addition to your physical ID, you will need a valid USG Logon ID to access many services. Follow the instructions in the USG LOGON ID file to claim your USG Logon ID.

Shady Grove students are eligible for a UMBC ID. In order to receive an ID, visit the Campus Card office in the University Center on the Catonsville campus. Before visiting, please visit their website for requirements.

Sign up for campus alerts

Register your phone number and/or email in the Campus Alert system to receive updates about emergency situations and campus closures as soon as they are available.

USG New Student Resources

For important information about USG Services Centers, resources, and engagement opportunities, visit the USG New Student Resources Page.

Outdoor view of Shady Grove campus