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Course Descriptions

Note: Not all courses are offered every semester, and new courses may be added at any time. Check the schedule of classes, for the latest offerings.

ENMG 615: Product Development

This course will address the methods and processes for developing new products, defining market opportunities, product planning, product design and manufacturing. Topics covered will include market research and collecting user requirements, translation of user needs into product specifications, prototyping/market testing to evaluate product concepts, product design, manufacturing planning, and product launch. This should be the first course a student takes in the certificate program.

Note: Prior to Fall 2024, this course was listed as ENME 615.

ENMG 616: Manufacturing Operations

This course will cover the process of translating a prototype into a viable product; specifically focusing on the business/operational aspects of product development and manufacturing. Topics covered will include manufacturing process planning, 3 statistical process control and six sigma, product testing, lean manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Note: Prior to Fall 2024, this course was listed as ENME 616.

ENMG 617: Advanced Manufacturing Processes

The focus of the course is for the students to develop an understanding of the design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) process, specifically how to select a fabrication process for a particular component/application and then optimize the design for that process. The course will cover the spectrum of manufacturing processes, from prototyping and digital fabrication methods to machining and injection molding and will include hands-on fabrication of components using a variety of fabrication methods (machining, digital fabrication, injection molding).

Note: Prior to Fall 2024, this course was listed as ENME 617.

ENMG 618: Organizational Management for Product Design and Manufacturing

The course will cover management of the product development process and crossfunctional product development teams. It will include organizational structures, personality profiles and diversity, management practices, the challenges of crossfunctional team dynamics, project management tools, earned value, and fundamentals of budgets/accounting.

Note: Prior to Fall 2024, this course was listed as ENME 618.

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