College Teaching & Learning Science Program Costs

Spring 2022 Tuition and Fees

Breakdown of tuition and fees for a graduate student taking one (three-credit) online course:

Maryland Resident**Non-Maryland Resident
MD resident: $679 per credit
Non-resident: $1,166 per credit
$2,037 $3,498
Technology Fee ($17 per credit) $51 $51
Graduate Program Fee ($17 per credit)$51$51
Total: $2,139 $3,600

*Additional costs for application and matriculation fees. See below.
** Regional tuition rate applicable to DC, Delaware & select counties in Virginia & Pennsylvania starting Fall 2017
*** Tuition and fees are determined by Student Business Services and may be updated from the amounts listed here. Visit for current tuition and fees amounts.

Application Fee

$50 – online; $70 – paper

Matriculation Fee

A one-time matriculation fee will be paid during the first two semesters of enrollment for Master’s degree-seeking students, and the fee will be posted to student accounts automatically: $100 will be charged the first semester; $100 will be charged the second semester. Certificate and non-degree students will not be charged a matriculation fee or orientation fee. The certificate diploma fee will continue to be charged when the application for certificate diploma is submitted to the Graduate School. Read more about matriculation fees.

Maryland Community College Scholarship

Maryland Community College faculty members admitted into the College Teaching and Learning Science program are eligible for a one-time $500 – $1,000 scholarship, based on number of enrolled credits. Eligibility: Students enrolled in three credits for the College Teaching and Learning Science program during their first semester will receive $500; Students enrolled in six credits for the College Teaching and Learning Science program during their first semester will receive $1,000. Please note, this scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships. Contact us for more information.

Financial Aid

Departmental aid is not available through this program. Since this program is designed primarily for working professionals, graduate assistantships are limited. Students are eligible to apply for non-research based graduate assistantships offered through other academic departments. However, graduate students, if eligible can apply for federal aid and support. For the most detailed information on financial aid for prospective graduate students, refer to Financial Aid and Scholarships.

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