Mission & Vision

UMBC Community Leadership Programs are designed to support people and communities to engage in cultural, economic, environmental, political and social initiatives that address historic levels of inequality and intersecting crises that damage communities. Our vision and mission guide our values and teaching to ensure that we help our community meet their goals.


The UMBC Community Leadership Programs envision:

Learning and working together to champion vibrant communities; inclusively, collaboratively, compassionately, equitably, authentically, skillfully, creatively, powerfully, intelligently, sustainably, and courageously.  


With this Vision as our North Star, Community Leadership’s Mission is to:  

  • Build communities inside and outside the classroom that are rooted in relationships and brought to life through co-teaching, co-learning, and co-creating;
  • Connect our overlapping communities to address white supremacy and other systemic barriers to equity;
  • Advance community leadership as a practice, not a position, that draws on deep listening and courageous sharing,  learning from and with fellow community members, trusting and risking together to take skillful collective action;
  • Model a holistic curriculum and pedagogy for practicing community leadership that integrates knowledge, skills, and affective growth (KSAs) in transformative learning;
  • Lead institutional change in higher education towards a core institutional identity as citizens in our greater Baltimore community.