Engineering Management FAQ

What are the academic requirements for admission to the Engineering Management Certificate Program?

Applicants must have a B.S. degree, in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems or related discipline. Professional work experience is desirable, but not required. The minimum GPA for admission to UMBC graduate programs is 3.0. Domestic applicants with a lower GPA may be considered for admission to the certificate program. Each case is reviewed individually.

Is it necessary to take the six Engineering Management courses in any particular sequence?

There is no preferred sequence for the Engineering Management courses, except that ENMG 652 – Management, Leadership and Communication is a prerequisite for ENMG 654 – Leading Teams and Organizations.

Can all of the four Engineering Management certificate courses be applied to a Master’s degree?

All four of the Engineering Management certificate courses apply to the M.S. in Engineering Management. Up to three management courses may be applied to the M.S. in Systems Engineering.

Must all of the technical courses be taken in the same track?

To achieve technical depth in a discipline, students are encouraged to take four courses from one of the tracks. However, students may take courses from multiple tracks.

What courses are scheduled for the next semester and future semesters?

Here is a schedule of Engineering Management courses for the current and future semester. 

Are any Engineering Management courses taught in the summer?

Several Engineering Management courses are taught each summer. Summer courses are listed here in The Sequence of Management Courses.

What courses are required for the M.S. in Engineering Management beyond the four core courses?

The Engineering Management M.S. program requires four core management courses, two management electives, and four technical courses. Here is a list of those courses.

Is the UMBC Engineering Management program accredited?

In general, undergraduate engineering programs are accredited by ABET and graduate programs are not. The University System of Maryland requires that all university academic programs be reviewed every seven years. The UMBC Engineering Management program was reviewed by an external review team in 2009 and received excellent marks. UMBC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education; the Accrediting Board for Engineering Technology, Inc.; and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The 2006 Middle States Evaluation Team found UMBC to be in full compliance with all standards of excellence.

Is it possible to get a double master’s in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering by counting some of the courses toward both degrees?

UMBC does not allow graduate courses to be counted toward more than one graduate degree.  In order to receive both the M.S. in Engineering Management and the M.S. in Systems Engineering, it is necessary to take a total of 20 graduate courses.

What is the deadline for applying to the program?

The application deadline is generally four weeks before the beginning of the semester for domestic students. However, it is advisable to apply much sooner than this to ensure that your application materials will be received in time for admission.  Often, transcripts are delayed in transmission from your undergraduate university.

International applicants must apply much sooner, generally six months before the beginning of the semester, to ensure that they will have enough time to receive a U.S. visa.

Can I take courses at other universities and apply them to the M.S. in Engineering Management?

Students can take up to two courses from other universities by following the inter-institutional enrollment process. Policies & Procedures for Inter-Institutional Enrollment at UMBC.