Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

The perfect solution for experienced professionals with a specific need for engineering management training.

The Engineering Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program is designed to help you complement your existing disciplinary expertise with new business skills. This program is designed for engineers employed in technology-oriented enterprises or government programs. All of the courses in the graduate certificate program can be applied to the Master of Science in Engineering Management.

Engineering Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program Requirements:

Students must complete 4 courses (12 credits) as follows:

Choose One:

ENMG 650: Project Management Fundamentals

Students learn the fundamentals of managing projects in a systematic way. These fundamentals can be applied within any industry and work environment and will serve as the foundation for more specialized project management study. Principles and techniques are further reinforced through practical case studies and team projects in which students simulate project management processes and techniques.

ENMG 668: Project and Systems Engineering Management

This course will cover fundamental project control and systems engineering management concepts, including how to plan, set up cost accounts, bid, staff and execute a project from a project control perspective. It provides an understanding of the critical relations and interconnections between project management and systems engineering management. It is designed to address how systems engineering management supports traditional program management activities to break down complex programs into manageable and assignable tasks.

Required Courses:

ENMG 652: Management Leadership and Communications

Students learn effective management and communication skills through case study-analysis, reading, class discussion and role-playing. The course covers topics such as effective listening, setting expectations, delegation, coaching, performance, evaluations, conflict management, and negotiation with senior management and managing with integrity.

ENMG 656: Engineering Law and Ethics

This course provides a comprehensive overview of important legal principles affecting engineers, engineering sciences and corporate management, with a focus on the intersection of these legal principles with business ethics. The student learns how to think through and process legal problems consistent with ethical norms, and how to analyze business risks in light of operative legal constructs, taking into consideration ethical issues, to arrive at a range of correct business decisions. Throughout the course, the student will learn substantive legal principles. Students will engage in weekly discussion board postings, completing quizzes and three individual papers.

ENMG 658: Financial Management

This course focuses on analysis and interpretation of financial statements with an emphasis on the measurement of results of operations and financial position of business organizations. The course covers the fundamentals of reading and analyzing financial statements and reports and applying to a business or work setting. The course will cover budgeting, profit planning, return on investment, risk and return, strategy and other financial information used in business decision-making. Students will discuss various types of contracts based on cost structure and prepare budgets as used in grant funding proposals.

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