LAPT Textbooks

Spring 2021 Textbooks

Course Name/SectionInstructorTextbooks and Materials
LAPT 602 section 01: 
Instructional Systems Development (#11895)
Hodell, C.Required: 
Hodell, C. (2016). ISD From the Ground Up, (4th ed.).  ATD Press.  
ISBN:  978-1562869984 
LAPT 603 section 01:
Analysis for Design & Evaluation (#11896) 
Munroe, J.None
LAPT 605 section 01:
The Adult Learner (#11897) 
Hodell, C.Required:
Galbraith, M. (2004). Adult Learning Methods (3rd ed.). Malabar, FL: Kreiger Publishing Co.
ISBN:  978-1575242323

Hodell, C. (2016). ISD From the Ground Up, (4th ed.).  ATD Press.
ISBN:  978-1562869984
Knowles, M. (2015) The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, (8th ed.). Taylor.
ISBN:  978-0415739023 (The 6th or 7th edition is also acceptable).
LAPT 643 section 01:
Principles of eLearning Education (#11898)
Berge, Z.Required:
Moore, M. & Kearsley, G. (2012). Distance Education: A Systems View on Online Learning (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning.
ISBN:  978-1111520991
LAPT 648 section 01:
Consulting for LAPT (#11899)
Buelow, J.Required: 
Block, P. (2011). Flawless Consulting. (3rd ed.). Pfeiffer.
LAPT 671 section 01:
Principles of Training & Development  (#11900)
Berge, Z.Required: 
Biech, E. (Ed.) (2015). ASTD Handbook The Definitive Reference for Training and Development (2nd ed.). ASTD.
ISBN: 978-1562869137
LAPT 681 section 01:
Survey of Instructional Technology Applications (#11902)
Kellerman, P.Required: 
Software: Adobe Captivate 2019

Siegel, K. (2019). Adobe Captivate 2019: The Essentials Workbook. IconLogic, Inc.
ISBN: 978-194460731
LAPT 682 section 01:
Instructional Technology Design and Development (#11903)
Berthau, C.Required: 
Software: Adobe Captivate 2019

Siegel, K. (2018). Adobe Captivate 2019:
Beyond the Essentials. (2nd ed.). IconLogic, Inc. ISBN: 978-1944607517
LAPT 683 section 01: 
Multi-Media Project Management (#11904)
Ahmad, R.Required:
Software: Adobe Captivate

Clark, R., & Mayer, R. (2016). e-Learning and the Science of Instruction (4th ed.). Wiley.
ISBN: 978-1119158660
LAPT 771 section 01: 
Research Designs in LAPT (#11905)
Curran, K.Required:
Clardy, A. (1997) Studying your workforce: Applied Research Methods and Tools for the Training and Development Practitioner. Sage Publications.
ISBN: 978-0803973220

Fowler, F. J. (1995).  Improving survey questions: design and evaluation. Thousand Oaks, CA. Sage Publications.
ISBN: 978-0803945838

Krueger, R. (2014). Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research, (5th ed.) Sage Publications.
ISBN: 978-1483365244

Rubin, H. (2011).  Qualitative Interviewing: the art of hearing data. (3rd ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA. Sage Publications.
ISBN: 978-1412978378. 
LAPT 792 section 01:
LAPT Internship (#11906)
Williams, G.None
LAPT 794 section 01:
LAPT Capstone Experience (#11907)
Williams, G.None

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