UMBC Mic'd Up Podcast: A Refreshing Journey into Learning and Performance with Shahwar Amin.

A Refreshing Journey into Learning and Performance Technology

Most every driven professional comes to the same conclusion when it comes to learning, it must always be present. Life, as well as business, is steeped in the promise of change, a catalyst to learning. In fact, most everyone at a certain point realizes that change is necessary. Shahwar Amin ’22, Learning and Performance Technology, […]

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A Program Designed for Instructional Designers | [PODCAST]

The Learning and Performance Technology Graduate Program (LAPT) at UMBC is specifically designed to help Instructional Designers learn and grow. The program is portfolio-based. This feature allows students to build a tangible working portfolio that becomes their intellectual property.

Learning and Performance Technology | UMBC Career Outlook

The field of Learning and Performance Technology is changing, and UMBC is well poised to provide students with the new skills needed to compete in this dynamic, ever-growing landscape. Program Director, Dr. Greg Williams, of UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology graduate program discusses the new changes and how it has opened up a whole new […]