Accelerated BS/MPS

Accelerated Cybersecurity Degree: BS/MPS Program Option

UMBC undergraduate students have the option of applying to the BS/MPS program in their junior or senior year and may take up to nine graduate credits that can be applied to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students benefit by shortening the time to degree completion, experience the cost savings of taking graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates, experience flexible learning options (some courses taught in evening or in hybrid format) and gain practical knowledge and skills.

For students who are eager to gain skills that will make them competitive candidates in the Cybersecurity job market, our accelerated BS/MPS program is the ideal solution. Gain the skills that employers are looking for while building a network of professional mentors and industry insiders, all at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time that a traditional Master’s would require.

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Accelerated BS/MPS Cybersecurity Program Admissions Requirements

Our Accelerated BS/MPS programs are rigorous and demanding, so interested students should become familiar with the admissions and program requirements, which are outlined below.

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. (An average of 3.5 or higher in computer science courses)
  • Students typically apply to the Accelerated BS/MPS after completing CMSC 313, 331 and 341.
    Students are required to complete the following courses before applying to the Accelerated Cybersecurity BS/MPS program:
    • Math 151,152, 221
    • CMSC 201, 202, 203
    • CMSC 313, 331, 341
  • Maintain good academic standing throughout the duration of undergraduate degree.

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Application Process for the Cybersecurity Accelerated BS/MPS Program

In order to ensure timly review of your application, please apply for your spot in our Accelerated Cybersecurity BS/MPS program by completing the following steps:

  • Complete Accelerated BS/MPS in Cybersecurity program application which can be found here:
  • Complete the Graduate School Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Application Form
  • Submit copy of undergraduate transcripts to Graduate School
  • Submit required documentation to your CSEE Undergraduate Advisor for preliminary review and approval. If approved your application will be reviewed by the Cybersecurity Graduate Program Director and a final admission decision will be made.
  • Once approved, complete the Approval for Undergraduates to take Courses for Graduate Credit.
  • One semester prior to completion of your bachelor’s degree, submit an application for the Master’s of Professional Studies: Cybersecurity program to the Graduate School. The graduate school application fee is waived ($50 online/$70 paper).
  • Once admitted to the MPS of Cybersecurity, complete transfer of credits form to Graduate School for nine credits.

In order to best serve our students’ career goals, UMBC is proud to offer a wide variety of Accelerated BS programs in a range of disciplines. In addition to our BS/MPS programs, we also offer a variety of 4-course professional certificates which can be completed in just one semester. You can learn more about all of our accelerated programs and their benefits by visiting our Accelerated site here.

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