Cybersecurity Advisory Board

UMBC’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from a variety of federal agencies and engineering organizations—including MITRE, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, and others. This industrial group ensures that UMBC’s cyber-related program offerings are relevant, valuable, and targeted to meet workforce needs. (Note: For security reasons, this list may not be all inclusive).

Robert Barunch
Raba Corefoundry, LLC

Peter Coddington
PaRaBal Inc.

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After 21 years of successful technical salesmanship for companies such as McGraw-Hill, Phillips Business Information, Thomson Publishing, IntraLinks, ClearForest, Bowne Global/Berlitz, Inxight Federal Systems, Business Objects, and SAP, Peter founded PaRaBaL INC. in February 2009 to further government missions with Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTs) technological solutions. PaRaBaL brings software and technologies from small commercial companies to appropriate federal agencies and oversees their application. PaRaBaL is uniquely equipped with the credentials to bridge these two markets, benefiting commercial companies with a large federal market and the government with innovation. Areas of expertise include data display GUIs, web-based widgets for cloud data, ontological information sifting tools, high performance computing for large grid systems and highly trained (in computing architectural design) personnel possessing necessary government credentials to install, customize and demonstrate software in federal agencies. In this way, PaRaBaL makes software matter and work for government.

Peter has a B.A. in History from Northwestern University, Master’s in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle University, and is currently enrolled in the new inaugural Cyber Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program at UMBC.

David Fisher
Senior Manager

Jim Howland
Electronic Systems and Technologies

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James Howland is a Technical Director of MITRE’s E530, Electronic Systems and Technology division. E530 works across MITRE’s C3I Federally Funded Research and Development Center sponsors, and is dedicated to technical expertise focused on communications, electromagnetics, sensors, and signal processing technologies. He previously served also as the corporate program lead for several counter improved explosive devices programs for both the DoD and intelligence communities.

Mr. Howland previously served as an associate director in MITRE’s Washington C3 Center, from October 2002 to October 2006. In that capacity, he was responsible for the communications, networking, and signal processing technical departments and served as a technical director in W900. In that capacity, he was responsible for technology support and W900 technical center support to the intelligence community. He was responsible for expanding the WC3 laboratory and hands-on work programs and assisted in developing the corporate laboratory and capital equipment resources. Prior to his assignment as a director, Mr. Howland was a responsible for the direction of WC3’s Signal Processing Center as a department manager.

As a member of the Technical Staff, Group Leader, then Principal Engineer from 1983 to 1998, he led the development of a several communications, antenna, and microwave system design and development programs. Responsible for the design and development of analog, RF, and microwave circuits and systems. Specific concentration on VHF, UHF, and L-band anti-jam, satellite and data communications systems for ground-to-ground, air-to-ground, and ground-to-space applications. Mr. Howland has expertise in wireless communications protocols including AMPS, GSM, and CDMA. Extensive experience with passive RF and microwave filter design, single and multiple element antenna design, propagation measurements and analysis, radar analysis, SAR imaging systems, PLL and DDS synthesizer design, amplifier design and heterodyne receiver design. CAD/CAE design and simulation experience with EEsof, SPICE, NEC, and other simulation tools.

Before joining MITRE in 1983, Mr. Howland was a physicist with the Foxboro Company He was involved in the analysis and design of non intrusive ultrasonic measurement devices for the process control industry.

Mr. Howland attended graduate school at the University of Massachusetts, focused on communications theory and microwave engineering, and teaching undergraduate seminars in antenna theory and microwave engineering. He received his B.S. degree in Physics, from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, and his M.S.E.E. He has taken doctoral qualifying exams and doctoral course work in preparations for a Ph.D. in electrical engineering with a concentration in electromagnetics. He is a graduate of the Leadership Development Program of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He is a member of the IEEE.

Albert Kinney
Defense Cyber Security Capability
HP Enterprise Services

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Albert Kinney is the Director, Defense Cyber Security Capability at HP Enterprise Services. In this capacity, Mr. Kinney serves with a team of DoD Cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts responsible for overseeing business, marketing, and investment strategies supporting development of defense cyber warfare services capabilities, industry awareness, and client interaction.

A retired Naval Officer, Mr. Kinney has more than 25 years of experience with leadership, aviation, intelligence, research, and cybersecurity mission areas encompassing operational disciplines ranging from anti-submarine warfare, national and tactical SIGINT, and electronic warfare to the initial development and first operational employment of the Naval Cyber Attack Team.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kinney has held a number of leadership and management positions including executive functions in government, military, and commercial enterprise organizations. Serving as Director, Naval Remote Operations Center, Mr. Kinney developed technology, workforce, and policy frameworks for the evolving network warfare discipline. Working alongside other senior leaders in the broader intelligence community, Mr. Kinney negotiated mission equity relationships achieving meaningful expansion of operational partnerships leading to more complete organizational integration and significant growth of Navy mission capabilities. As a Portfolio Manager with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Mr. Kinney developed a line of Cyber Warfare business producing competitive wins totaling $20 M, and culminating in a $7.3 M Phase I award for DARPA’s National Cyber Range. As Principal Scientist with the Northrop Grumman Cyberspace Solutions Center, Mr. Kinney led a portfolio of efforts focused on various aspects of Cyber Warfare command & control including visualization, data aggregation, and automated response methodologies.

Mr. Kinney holds a Command & Staff Diploma from the Naval War College along with science and engineering degrees from the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School. He remains active in the academic community as a member of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Cyber Security Advisory Board and as an adjunct professor within the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. His recent academic projects include designing a Master’s program in Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy for UMBC.

Paul Mauritz
Vice President, General Manager

Hart Rossman

Patrick Tonui
Security & IT
Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

Christopher Valentino
Director & Technical Fellow
Northrop Grumman

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Mr. Valentino is a recognized leader in the area of Cyber Security and Information Assurance. He is currently the Director of the Northrop Grumman Cyber Space Solutions Center, a comprehensive capability providing leading edge technology solutions to the United States Government. His accomplishments include the design and implementation of complex boundary security systems, establishment and operation of computer incident response centers, and the research and development of advanced concepts for the United States Government.

Mr. Valentino is a Northrop Grumman Distinguished Technical Fellow and holds both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from UMBC.

Title: Smarter computer intrusion detection utilizing decision modeling
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