Writing Support

Many students utilize writing advising and tutoring sessions to support them as they attend courses at UMBC. Here are some options to accessing writing support tools and services.

Graduate Writing Advisor

The GSA Writing Advisor assists graduate students with any writing project/assignment across all curricula. You do not need completed work, or even any work completed at all, to make an appointment. The Writing Advisor can help at any stage in the writing process. To schedule appointments: https://umbcwritingadvisor.youcanbook.me/

Library and Research Support

Did you know that you can make an appointment to meet with a librarian and get help doing your research? Subject Librarians can:

  • help you find information on a topic
  • help you develop effective search strategies
  • help you select and search library catalogs and databases
  • answer questions about the library’s resources.

To schedule appointments for library/research staff: https://library.umbc.edu/makearesearchappt

English Language Institute (ELI)

The English Language Institute provides a writing tutor for all international graduate students that would like assistance with writing. For more substantive help with writing and speaking, there are classes offered for an additional fee through the ELI.

For general inquiries, email: eli@umbc.edu; the writing tutor for 2021-2022 is named Grant.
eli@umbc.edu; writing tutor: gclifto1@umbc.edu.