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UMBC’s Graduate Programs in Data Science were created in response to the area’s growing need for experienced data science professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data analyst jobs are expected to increase by nearly 20% between 2014-2024. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at how big data is shaping our future. We also take a peek into the mysterious world of artificial intelligence and link to a cool article on the basics to get newbies up to speed.

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Big Data Helps in Fighting Fires

Big data sits at the forefront of our lives. Everywhere we turn it’s there. It’s even embedded itself in industries like fire fighting. In fact, big data is revolutionizing the way fire departments and other groups are working to prevent, prepare for and extinguish flames.

Microsoft is Using AI to Save the the World

Environmental scientists focused on creating a more sustainable world are working with Microsoft’s Azure machine learning tech. When data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence ban together, transformative actions can take place.

Artificial Intelligence At-A-Glance

We see references to artificial intelligence everywhere these days. And if you’re one who doesn’t have a clear understanding of what it is, you’re in prime company. Forbes put together this fun at-a-glance on AI to give you the quick facts on it. So next time you’re at a happy hour, you can spill some of them for others to lap up!

Big Data is Shaping the Future of Cities

As population grows, so too does the demand for innovative approaches to city planning. Big data is helping urban planners to come up with innovative ideas to deal with the challenges of increased demand on an already taxed system.

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