Bringing Value as a Resource Analyst at NASA [podcast]

In this podcast episode, we follow the journey of a resource analyst at NASA who leverages her education from the Technical Management Graduate Program at UMBC to bring value to her work.

Marissa Jagarnath, M.P.S. ’22 Technical Management, a resource analyst at NASA, explains how her education has helped her to better understand the technical and managerial aspects of her role. She further explains how she is able to apply this knowledge to improve processes and decision-making at NASA. This podcast episode offers valuable insights into the ways in which education can make a difference in the workplace.

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Women In Technology

Over the years, women have made significant progress in breaking down the gender barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields, including engineering. Women working in engineering fields are contributing their unique perspectives and innovative ideas to the development of new technologies and solutions. Despite progress, however, women remain underrepresented in engineering, with only a small percentage of engineering graduates and professionals being female. To encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering, it is essential to provide access to education and resources, address biases and stereotypes, and promote inclusive work environments that value diversity and equality.

About the Technical Management Program at UMBC

UMBC’s Technical Management Graduate Program offers a range of benefits for students seeking to advance their careers in technical fields. The program combines technical expertise with management skills. As a result, students gain a unique set of competencies that are highly sought after by employers. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills. Students leave with the skills to manage technical teams and projects effectively. The program is also flexible, allowing students to balance their work and personal commitments while pursuing their degree. Graduates of the program are well-equipped to take on leadership roles in technical organizations and pursue diverse career paths, including engineering management, technical consulting, and entrepreneurship.

The program prepares students to be effective leaders and problem-solvers in a range of industries, including aerospace and technology. Whether you’re a student looking to pursue a career in technical management or a professional seeking to enhance your skills, the M.P.S. Technical Management program at UMBC can help you get there.

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