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The most successful professionals will tell you that, at some point, they reached out and sought career advice. Those who have gone before you have learned valuable lessons. Their insights can save you time and help get you on the right track.

Let’s face it, as a professional, you’re always striving to make yourself more attractive to employers. Who isn’t, really? Because of this, you’re likely to search for helpful information to give you that leg up. Thanks to the internet, you can enhance your employability. You can search for opportunities from the comfort of your own home. Career advice is virtually at your fingertips. You have access to a wealth of information. Discover things like how to find the right profession. Learn about how much advanced education you’ll need. Find ways to enhance your leadership and communication skills.

Below are some popular online resources that offer robust career advice.

The Muse

Learn the ins and outs of the professional world

This comprehensive site is a great resource whether or not you’re in the job market. Free (and interesting!) articles on productivity, reconciling with coworkers, and interview strategies are plentiful. If you like what you see, the site also provides access to purchase advising sessions. Additionally, you can enroll in courses with job coaches of various specialties.

The Muse also allows users to search for positions or companies by geographic area, popularity, or industry. The multimedia interface gives potential applicants an inside look at the workplace environment and culture of different companies. And, you can even “meet” some representatives through photos, videos, and quotes. Therefore, this site is one of our favorites.

Career Builder

career advice

Search for the perfect fit

Career Builder functions as a massive search engine for careers. It’s great for those who aren’t quite sure yet what they’re looking for with their career. Users may make an account to upload resumes and can even track their document’s views. Users can also search for positions by company, title, skills, or location. Another tool lets users simply choose an industry and browse potential positions.

Even if you’re happy in your current position, this site could help you forecast where you are going. Furthermore, it can help you determine how your skills can transfer across industries. Resources are text-based, video, and images. They give practical advice on everything from networking to salary negotiation. They’re even divided into categories based on your position in the career-seeking process: “Looking for the Job,” “Find the Job,” “On the Job.”

Business Insider: Careers

How to better yourself and your workplace

The Careers section of the Business Insider site includes articles with quick tips. Topics addressed are how to deal with failures in communication, tough interview questions, and superior small talk. It also features pieces from industry experts such as a former FBI agent and the CEO of T-Mobile. So, bottom line is these articles are attention-grabbing for the layman and job-seeker alike.

Forbes: Careers

What to do – and what not to do

Forbes Careers contains brief articles on issues from management relationships to major industry changes. Many are “listacles,” creating an easy-to-follow and informative resource. Some of the subjects touched upon are ways to be amazing in  your job or ways to develop a corporate culture. Without going into too much detail, they give readers a set of ideas or inspirations to jump start their thinking. Essentially, these articles are generally broad and could apply to those across industries.

Internship Network of Maryland

The next generation marketplace for talent & industry in Maryland

This robust site is a fantastic resource for both students and businesses. The inMD marketplace helps businesses attract talent in a number of ways. These include centralizing the candidate pool, training and pre-qualifying candidates according to the needs of businesses, and then delivering the right candidates with automation. They have live demos to showcase the powerful networking capabilities. Additionally, they offer lots of online tools such as interactive job boards, career resources for students, virtual career fairs and more!

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  1. Great resources! I would also recommend the Levo League. They have a number of great articles and opportunities for next working through their chapters.

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