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At UMBC, we focus on creating a rich community filled with innovative thinkers and doers who do their best to contribute to the greater good.

In today’s Industry News, we’ll take a look at ways other organizations are doing the same. From Apple, to GridDS, to various platforms, the technological world is reaping the rewards of professionals who want to thrive in a world full of opportunities. 

An open-source, data-science toolkit for power and data engineers

Well-equipped, the United States can handle the increase of energy demands from data thanks to 102.9 million smart meter devices installed in 2020. Experts expect the demand for energy and smart meters to increase by 50% by 2050, as will the data produced by these devices. A new open-source data-science toolkit, GridDS, will allow for data and power scientists everywhere to make the most of this data.

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Apple devices getting beefed-up defense against spyware

Apple is stepping up its efforts to help iPhone users block threats from spyware. Using their resources, Apple is increasing its bounty pay for researchers who uncover vulnerabilities in its software. With its new Lockdown Mode, iPhone users can rest easier knowing their phones will block or disable some features and capabilities to protect them from spyware.

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Majority of open-source developers eyeing job change: EDB survey

The Great Resignation has called to attention many professionals from a variety of fields. Open-source developers play no exception here. According to an EDB survey, they are keeping their eyes open on new opportunities created by this Great Resignation. Why are they seeking new opportunities? They want improved career paths, better mentorships, and greater access to training. 

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9 platforms that improve employee digital experiences

Professionals want to have the right tools, the right procedures, the right environment to do good work. Employers who realize this can help boost productivity and overall experiences. This article digs into 9 platforms that can help to create greater job satisfaction. 

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