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In today’s Industry News we take a look at a Maryland-based Biotech company leading the charge in creating a vaccine for COVID 19. We also look at the case for furry robots, the magnetic nature of tornados, and successful mentorships.

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Maryland based Biotech Company Awarded Contract to Develop COVID19 Vaccine

The Trump administration has awarded a contract worth $1.6 billion to a Maryland biotechnology company to develop a coronavirus vaccine, the largest bet yet by the federal government on an individual vaccine to combat the pandemic.

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The Case for Furry Robots

Feeling down? Perhaps you might need a furry social robot. Scientists have discovered that those who spent an hour interacting with a furry social robot experienced a lift to their mood and reduced pain.

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The Magnetic Nature of Tornadoes

The wonder of nature never ceases to amaze. It turns out that the sun experiences solar tornadoes created by the firey star’s magnetic fields. In studying these tornadoes, scientists are gaining a stronger grasp of the heating mechanisms of the sun.

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How to Build a Successful Mentorship

Having a good mentor is a huge asset in both life and career. A mentor can help you shape your career path, teach you valuable lessons, and bridge the divide that can sometimes accompany a newbie in the field. It takes time and effort to build a successful mentoring partnership. To get the most out of a mentorship, you must put in the work.

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