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In partnership with five universities, UMBC joins forces to launch the International Cybersecurity Center of Excellence to help secure critical systems against cyber attacks. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at how one firm had to pay $70,000 to deal with a 2nd ransom attack. We also take a look at climate change, making better decisions, the new face of space exploration, and staying alert in a world full of distractions.

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When Ransom Attacks Happen

Park DuValle Community Health Center had to recently pay $70,000 following their second ransom attack. To gain access to their records they needed to act, and fast. How can companies protect themselves from such attacks?

Climate Change: Have We Passed the Tipping Point?

Is it too late to save the planet? When is the tipping point from when we can still do something and when we can’t? Some scientists argue that we now only have 18 months left to address the global heating crisis and other devastating environmental challenges.

How to Make Better Decisions

At one point in life, we’ve all made regrettable decisions. We chose to act a certain way and later scratched our heads at why we would have ever chosen such a ridiculous or foolish choice. Scientists say making such decisions has much to do with our subconscious sequencing of objective reality than our rationality. So what’s a person to do? This article shares two valuable questions to ask ourselves next time we’re faced with an important decision.

The New Face of Space Exploration

With the first lunar landing some 50 years behind us now, what will the next 50 years of space exploration have in store? It is sure to involve a few exciting elements for tourists wanting to get their feet not only off the ground, but beyond our biome. Where do you see it taking us?

How to Stay Alert in a Distracting World

Staying alert in a world full of digital distractions can prove difficult. Before the digital world, we enjoyed prolonged periods of uninterrupted time where focus was the norm. Nowadays, every ping, beep, chirp, and ringtone steals our vital connection to that interrupted time. Switching from on to off is the solution, and with a few tips you can learn how to easily make that switch.

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