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UMBC researcher, Glenn Wolfe, and his team are helping scientists to understand the impact level of methane gas in our atmosphere through their innovative efforts. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at the birth of innovations and their effects on this world. We also take a look at escape rooms, newly-discovered galaxies, and jobs of the future.

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The Birth of Innovations

Is there a way to optimize the process of innovation? Scientists have studied innovation and its roots hoping to understand it. The critical intersection of where thought spirals into tangible new technologies and products continues to baffle scientists.

The Modern Day Invention: Escape Rooms

We do live in a chaotic world, and it was just a matter of time before some creative, innovative thinker decided to provide the world with an escape from the stress of it all. The Escape Room is sold as an experience where a group is thrown together in a space and collaboratively work to find a way out. The experience offers people a chance to exist in a high-intensity thrill of deep connection to here and now.

Remarkable Discovery of Never Before Seen Galaxies

It’s only taken tens of billions of years to arrive, but the light from 39 far off galaxies has arrived and scientists are excitedly rolling up their sleeves to see what mysteries they reveal.

Jobs of the Future

Innovations are changing the labor market and in remarkable ways. Some of today’s jobs will become obsolete as a result of new technology. What will replace these jobs in the labor market? Things we can’t even conceive of right now. How exciting is that?

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