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UMBC encourages our community of researchers to extend beyond ordinary to make a difference in the lives of others.

In one such research example, UMBC’s departments of information systems (IS) and emergency health services (EHS) worked together to help improve the lives of first responders by introducing a wristband to collect stress level information.

In today’s Industry News, we take a peek into additional extraordinary tech instruments that came into the market this past year and how they’re bringing cool advantages along with them. We also take a look at the evolution of human beings, the speed of time, and the strength of the internet.

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More than 20 Tech Gadget Inventions

If you’re a gadget fan, you’re going to enjoy combing through these 20+ gadget inventions. These gadgets are only available online, which isn’t exactly a deal-breaker this day in age. There’s everything from cool new high-quality inEar headphones to a device that turns your slow internet into a high-speed one.

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Human beings are still evolving

With the advancement of technologies and medicines to help humans live longer lives, one might think the evolution of humans is no longer occurring the way it did in the past. Well, it certainly isn’t happening as it did in the past because it’s actually happening faster than ever.

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Here’s Why Time Flies as We Age

Every mind interprets time differently. This is why a watch could never quantify time consistently based on our mind’s clock. As we age, times moves faster. This article investigates why this happens.

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The Strength of the Internet

The internet has surely shown the human race its ability to adapt. Architectured over 50 years ago, the internet is maintaining its strength under today’s unprecedented demand. Most of the world is online due to the pandemic, and the internet is not collapsing under all that pressure.

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