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A past UMBC Meyerhoff Scholar has been appointed as the new health commissioner for Baltimore City. She is the first African American woman to serve in this role. Today on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the accomplishments of women like Dzirasa as we share her story in one of our Industry Roundup articles. We also take a look at communication and active listening skills in business and the growth of cyber in Maryland.

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Baltimore City’s New Health Commissioner Appointed

UMBC Alumna, Letitia Dzirasa ’03, M11, biological sciences, will serve the city of Baltimore as the new health commissioner beginning March 11. Dzirasa is the city’s first African American woman to serve in this role.

How to Get Your Voice Heard

Ever feel like you’re talking into the wind when in a conversation with a group of people who you’re trying to influence? You’re not alone. Take a look at this article that narrows down the reason why this happens and offers ways to get your voice heard.

Baltimore is Driving Bigger Job Gains in Cyber

It’s not news that cyber is a hot field. What may come as news is that the state of Maryland is considered the new oil field in terms of Cyber and Data Science because of their resourceful workforce. Firms are growing their roots in Maryland as a result, offering professionals in these fields incredible opportunities.

A Great Listener Must Do More than Listen

A recent research study conducted by Harvard Business Review concluded that the typical tactics for active listening may not be enough to claim a person is a great listener. So what does it take to claim this statement? “Good listening was consistently seen as a two-way dialog, rather than a one-way “speaker versus hearer” interaction. The best conversations were active.”

Featured Photo – Letitia Dzirasa; photo courtesy Letitia Dzirasa.

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