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UMBC volleyball wins third consecutive America East championship

On the weekend of November 19th, the UMBC Women’s Volleyball team competed in the America East volleyball championships, winning the tournament for the third year in a row in a sweeping victory. The team will continue to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championships in December, the fifth time overall that the team has done so. The team’s America East performance was a triumph for the student team members, as well as for new head coach Kasey Crider. Together, the team seamlessly continued their success from the previous season. 


Grit-X 2022 brings to life the “essence” of UMBC research and creative achievement

In October, UMBC’s iconic Grit-X event returned for its sixth annual appearance during Homecoming weekend. This is the first iteration of Grit-X run under new UMBC president Valerie Sheares Ashby, who described it as “the essence of UMBC” during her opening remarks at the event. Event speakers were comprised of UMBC alumni and faculty from many departments, including psychology, physics, biological sciences, and music. Topics were equally diverse, from reforestation to the community-building aspects of construction.


UMBC chemical engineering students win ChemE Jeopardy national championship

UMBC’s Chemical Engineering Jeopardy team continued the theme of retrievers winning national championships by placing first in the ChemE Jeopardy tournament hosted by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe). The team’s victory was three years in the making; at the past two tournaments (2020 and 2021), UMBC had taken second place. The four-person team managed to break the cycle this year, taking the top spot over the University of Iowa and University of Southern California.


Transforming the future of healthy aging: UMBC event highlights leading practices, research from Kanagawa to Maryland

UMBC recently hosted the seminar “New Frontiers in Healthcare Management”, a collaboration between the Erickson School of Aging Studies and the Kanagawa Prefecture, an area in Japan with the largest aging population in the world. Together, government leaders and top researchers from both countries discussed recent developments in the field of aging and how these practices could apply to the elderly in both Kanagawa and Maryland. Through collaborations like this, the partnership hopes to promote a vision of healthy aging across the globe.


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