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UMBC’s Cybersecurity Center leadership are committed to learning and sharing their vast knowledge within the cybersecurity industry. They are often invited to speak at prominent local, national, and international events, workshops, and conferences. Cybersecurity is a dynamic industry that not only is constantly changing, but has grown to impact all aspects of government, business, and society. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at how AI and machine learning are helping to improve cybersecurity efforts in the world of technology. We also look at keeping up with the food supply demands of a growing population, innovative batteries that last longer, and Google cloud’s effect on helping to fight breast cancer.

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Improving Cybersecurity Through AI and Machine Learning

Many industries are turning to machine learning and AI to help overhaul their outdated systems and keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Cybersecurity is the latest one to jump on this bandwagon. With the increasing number of data breaches occurring, the cybersecurity industry wrestles with the vast volumes of data accumulation. Applying AI and Machine Learning to their toolbox can help them “find the needle in the massive security haystack”, according to this article by Forbes.

A Technology that Could End Humanity?

Is the world population outgrowing the world’s food supply? Not yet. But it’s predicted to. Technology is causing a push pull effect on the future of our food supply.

Cool Invention: Longer lasting batteries made out of potassium-oxygen

The nation’s power grid has been a concern for many years. How will we keep up with the demands using an aged system? Will we be able to keep it running as these demands continue to pile on us? Well, researchers may be one step closer to a solution with potassium-oxygen batteries.

Google Cloud is a New Tool in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

In it’s commitment to finding preventable solutions to breast cancer, The American Cancer Society is now using Google Cloud as a tool to study pathology images. Google Cloud enables them to analyze pathology images in a more in-depth way by allowing high-resolution images, easy conversion to a usable format, color standardization, and machine learning.

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