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Here’s a recap of what’s in the news in and around the UMBC campus.

This news recap is brought to you by UMBC’s Division of Professional Studies, offering a broad array of professionally-focused master’s degree and certificate programs that address industry needs while anticipating future opportunities.

UMBC Scientists Discovers an Intriguing Understanding of the Universe.

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Since the birth of man, the interest to understand the ways of the universe has brought about massive intrigue and investigation. Today scientists are uncovering many mysteries. One in particular is from UMBC physicist Sebastian Deffner. Check out his discoveries.

Effects of Fire on the Climate are in the Clouds

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Everything in this world is connected by a delicate force. This fact has recently been illustrated in a new research study conducted by UMBC physicists on the effect of African wildfires on climate.

UMBC Associate Dean Champions for Computer Science in K-12 Schools.

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K-12 Students crave intellectual challenge. Their minds expand as knowledge fills it. And Marie desJardins, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering and Information Technology understands this need and is addressing it by affirming the importance of computer science education in K-12 schools.

A Merging of Species? UMBC Research Shows Strong Evidence to Support This.

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Can it be so? Two species with distinct lineages have actually converged into one? According to strong research, yes, this in fact has happened with two species of ravens.

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