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In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into Hackaday Awards 2018, Cybersecurity Gaps, Wyoming Interstate Pilot Project, Health IT Breaches and Sleep Deprivation.

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Let The 2018 Hackaday Awards Begin!

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The parameter’s for this year’s contest have been set, so if you’re a hacker, time to get your game on! The Grand Prize winner gets a deserved $50,000 prize and 4 equally-deserving runner-ups will split another $50,000!

Many Experts Agree – Cybersecurity Needs to Involve More than the IT Department

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A new study reveals dangerous gaps exist in the healthcare industry when it comes to cybsecurity. “If a healthcare provider doesn’t see itself as a target, that would indicate that it doesn’t have a full understanding of what cybersecurity means in 2018,” said Axel Wirth, a Distinguished Healthcare Architect for the HIMSS Privacy and Security Committee and a healthcare solutions architect for Symantec.

Wyoming Unveils Pilot Project to Help Reduce Traffic Deaths

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Interstate 80 is known for being extremely hazardous to drivers, especially in the winter months. This is probably why the U.S. Department of Transportation chose Wyoming to test out a new connected vehicle pilot. The pilot will be used to determine if installing dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) radios in vehicles and infrastructure along I-80 could improve safety.

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Massive Missed Days

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Take one too many sick days and what happens? Work stalls. Projects fail. Business efficiency takes a nosedive. If you’re the one leading this ship, you need to read this article to understand just how workplace harmony and your sleep habits relate.

Health Data Breaches Occur Daily

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Most of us take our privacy to heart. And when breaches occur whereas hackers and insider issues expose our records, hearts tend to kick into overdrive. Troubling is the fact that most healthcare organizations are not taking advantage of the increasing number of tools to help decrease these incidents. Why is this? Read on to find out.

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