Industry Roundup 3-30-18 | UMBC Professional Graduate Programs

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into medical records on iPhones, a millennial view on business, remote work and its effects on productivity, AI performing heart scans, and a new tool to prevent traffic and accidents.

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Apple to Bring Medical Records to iPhone

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If you’re someone who relies heavily on your iPhone for the convenient access to most any form of information, including your health records, you’re in luck! Apple has announced they will begin to offer a feature that allows you to review your records from your phone.

The Millennial View on Business

Seghen discusses her Health IT experience.

Each generation has their own sense of style when it comes to just about anything, and business is no exception. Here’s an interesting fact: Millennial business owners, when compared to other generations, are less likely to get bogged down in traditional business concerns.

Remote Workers Get the Job Done

With today’s growing energy concerns, stressful traffic backups, and distractions in the office, it’s no wonder remote workers gain the upper productivity edge over office workers. According to research, essential things like productivity, teamwork, and presence increase with remote workers.

AI Outperforms a Cardiologist in a Heart Scan

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Despite AI out-scanning a human cardiologist, patients need not worry about sizing up their new AI doc just yet. The AI used in the test is not ready to replace human beings, according to Rima Arnaout, AI creator. She admits the task performed was a small and limited one. A human cardiologist still takes the win on the technique.

How GIS May Help Prevent Traffic and Accidents

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In our world of chaos where road conditions can wreak havoc on our state of carefully crafted bliss, we crave a solution. Well, that solution may well be on the horizon with a new tool called Hopper. It’s a machine learning tool that predicts road conditions using historical data.

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