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In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into a new Earth, finding meaning in work, digital number plates, technology and the workforce, and gene-editing technology.

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Earth 2.0 May be Just a Statistical Mirage

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If you were excited about the possibility of there being another Earth-like planet, a recent study may put a little fizzle in that idea. NASA had discovered Kepler 452 b in 2015. It appeared to be like our planet, only slightly larger and more massive. It also displayed a 365-day orbit around what appeared to be a sun like ours, too. Remarkable. Or not?

Adding a Healthy Dose of Meaning to Your Team’s Work

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If you lead a team of professionals and ever feel overwhelmed by the thought of them dreading the work they do, you’re not alone. Money alone is not a driving force for many. What is? Participating in meaningful work. As a leader, how do you ensure your team is engaged in purposeful work? This article addresses this question.

Digital Number Plates Make an Entrance in Dubai

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When a traffic accident happens, sometimes a person is unable to make that critical emergency call for help. Here comes digital number plates to the rescue! These plates are equipped with GPS and transmitters set up to alert emergency services of an accident. Dubai is in the testing phase for these now.

Technological Change and the Workforce

Everywhere you turn, new technological advances are being introduced. Along with the dynamic and exciting opportunities they bring, the impact on humanity still remains a mystery. As we accelerate towards a more artificially intelligent and global competitive landscape, we must pay careful attention to how best we can adapt and embrace these new technologies.

Gene-editing Technologies and Global Development

Diseases and poverty continue to wreak havoc on society, and eliminating them would change the game of life. To rid the world of such issues, though, will require massive innovation. As time ticks away for many in the path of these devastating societal forces, a quick fix would be a miracle. Bill Gates advocates for gene editing technology to help speed up the process of developing a global solution.

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