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UMBC’s Sander Goossens designed and implemented code that’s helping NASA scientists better understand the evolution of planets, starting with Mercury. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at more fascinating NASA news. We also take a look at the modern technological world and its effect on Gen Z, AI solving the Rubix Cube, and listening skills worth mastering.

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Has a NASA scientist changed the laws of physics?

Check out this new invention called the helical engine, an innovation that could make space travel possible without fuel.

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On Constant Watch

Gen Z is the first generation of its kind to have nearly every moment of their childhood shared with billions of people online. They are constantly being watched. What does the future of being hypervisible look like to an entire generation?

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AI Becomes the One-Handed Rubix Cube Solver

An AI robot showed off just how intelligent it can be by solving a Rubix cube with one hand. The robot’s dexterity demonstrates a great potential for future appendages. What else this robot has up its sleeve is anyone’s guess.

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A Listening Skill Worth Mastering

If you learn one important personal development skill in life, make this one it! Listening seems like an easy enough skill to master, right? Then why do so many people get it wrong?

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