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UMBC’s assistant professor of biological sciences, Erin Green, has been conducting innovative research to help further our understanding of the complexities involved in aging. Such research provides insights and creates curiosity that helps drive further innovation.

In today’s Industry Roundup we take a look at another innovative study designed to help clean Earth’s air and help sustain a cleaner future. We also take a look at some professional development insights on finding purpose in work, effective communication strategies, and project management as a tool for controlling the chaos inherent in projects.

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Saving The Air

Our planet is getting warmer, and future generations will need us to figure out a way to bring down negative emissions. Can pulling CO2 directly out of the air and burying it be the solution? This article investigates this potential idea.

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Finding Purpose in Work

The world is not designed around mere wishful thinking, so to find purpose in a career requires a person to dig deeper than their comfort level. Seek to learn from your experiences and you’ll be more apt to get a front-row seat to impacting others through the lessons and insights gained.

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The Power of 3s

As students and professionals, we must communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively to get our ideas heard and put into action. The greatest speechwriters and leaders understand how to deliver powerful messages by using the rule of 3s. The rule of 3s is simply the idea that people can digest and remember things in a series of threes.

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Controlling Chaos

Whether you’re a student, a worker, or run your own company, a focus on growth will keep you in the game. As with any kind of growth, chaos can sneak into the lifecycle of a project and disrupt if not controlled. This article provides insights on ways to effectively manage all moving parts to help increase success.

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