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UMBC prepares its students for careers in the world of science and technology to help them uncover the deepest of information that codes the world and the universe into what it is today.

In today’s Industry News, we look at the recent innovations in the world of science, discovering interesting facts and inventions that make up the Earth and space.

A newfound quasicrystal formed in the first atomic bomb test

A new crystal was formed from melted sand, copper wires, and other debris in the aftermath of the Trinity nuclear test. The newly discovered quasicrystal from the New Mexico test site is the oldest one known that was made by humans.

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These weird, thin ice crystals are springy and bendy

A new innovation of ice has been developed by defect-free fibers of frozen water with counterintuitive properties. The interesting feature is that they can bend, curve, and snap into its original shape when released!

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A new device can produce electricity using shadows

This new device is a shadow-effect energy generator that will someday be used to produce power from the difference between bright and shady areas. Whether the spot is light or dark, energy will be provided.

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How freezing a soap bubble turns it into a ‘snow globe’

Soap bubbles turn into thin ice crystals as it freezes under temperatures at -20 degrees Celsius. While freezing, crystals form at the base.

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