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The Community Leadership program at UMBC is designed to prepare aspiring and practicing leaders with the skills and experience needed to enact transformative social change. This kind of leadership stems from building a strong foundation in knowledge, experience, and great habits. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at why leaders succeed when they focus on habits over goals. We also look at how to engage in office politics, powerful must-read books for leadership, and how some climate leaders are doing their part to ensure the health of our planet.

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Books to Add to Your Reading List

It’s summertime, which means it’s a great time to pick up a good book and learn some new things. Here is a list of some inspiring reads that will help make you smarter and more business savvy.

Climate Change Strategies Experts are Taking

Climate emergency experts are making dramatic changes in their everyday living to help do their part to ward off climate change. These changes range from committing to taking no flights, working from home, living off the grid, to purchasing second-hand items. People are no doubt taking responsibility when it comes to climate change and carbon footprints.

How to Survive and Thrive from Office Politics

If the term office politics makes your skin crawl, then a new perspective on it might help. Office politics is as much a part of the environment as trees and dirt are. They’re part of the landscape of doing business. So, how does one rise above the trickery and negative associations often associated with it? Experts say engage in it rather than complain about it.

Focus on Habits Instead of Goals

As busy professionals eager to make our mark on the world that centers around our career, we’re often told to dig deep into our goals, making them the primary focus. Experts suggest to focus on habits instead. Goals can lead to frustration if unrealistic. Habits can, in turn, lead to better success. Why? “Habits require one to invest one’s efforts for a little while and then take the rewards of that effort and re-invest them in a greater effort to form even better habits.”

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