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UMBC’s Master of Professional Studies (MPS) programs incorporate leadership into the curriculum. Leadership is an important component to the success of professionals and the organizations they represent. The programs teach students how to drive change and innovation in their chosen field. In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into building trust through solid leadership skills. We also take a look at the lost art of concentration, the Flexitarian diet, and automated farmers.

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A Better Way to Build Trust through Leadership

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Trust is a big deal. When employers monitor and micro-manage employees what message are they relaying? We trust you? For most, accountability leads to productivity. But, when accountability is called into question through employer surveillance, the result can end up causing more harm than good. One of the tenants of human nature is to work harder when we feel valued. Take that value away, and no one wins. A good leader understands this.

Concentration- A Lost Art?

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Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. We depend on it for most every aspect of our daily life. It offers us opportunities that have lasting, life-changing impacts. It also has a downside – distraction. Distractions can derail our ability to concentrate when it’s vital to do so, decreasing our productivity and potentially hurting our relationships. Concentration is key to our overall happiness and success. This article investigates this conundrum.

The New Diet to Feed a Warming World – Flexitarian

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To curb our carbon footprint, we may need to change our eating habits, according to this BBC article. With the final call to halt climate catastrophe approaching, experts are turning to food sources to help. Plant-based foods is one of the steps toward a sustainable future.

An Automated Farmer

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Farming is necessary to our survival. Over the years, human beings have sacrificed sleep, time, and energy to produce food for a growing population. Looking head, with a population explosion up to 9 billion people expected, farmers would need superhuman powers to get the job done. Enter robots.

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