Opening Doors in Biotechnology

One of the best outcomes for a graduate student is to end up in a position within their field due in part to the knowledge they gained in and out of the classroom.

Ricardo Tablada ’18, M.P.S. Biotechnology, was able to do just that. Within a short time period of embarking on his learning journey at UMBC, he landed a position at a Biotech firm and began making a difference in the lives of others.

Learn more about UMBC’s Graduate Programs in Biotechnology

UMBC’s Biotechnology graduate program is designed to provide students with the skills sought by the biotechnology industry. The curriculum offers advanced instruction in the life sciences, along with coursework in regulatory affairs, leadership, management, commercialization and legal issues inherent to a life science-oriented business.

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  1. Malaya says:

    Biotechnology is a good scope and its trends increasing day by day.

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