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In today’s Industry News we take a look at factors that affect professionals in the workforce such as listening skills and focus. We also dive into ways to declutter files, passwords, and privacy, and why AI will never be able to do life as humans do.

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The Two Distinct Factors Affecting Your Focus

Can’t focus lately? Paying attention isn’t an easy task mainly because of two critical distinct factors involved: enhancement and suppression. If one of these factors is disrupted, we lose focus. This article shares some interesting insights.

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How to Be a Great Listener

Great listening skills requires much more than being silent while other people talk. It requires being an active participant by providing positive interactions. Most notable is that a great listener will leave a person feeling understood and helped, rather than defeated.

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The Missing Element of AI

Algorithms don’t think like human beings. We process information very differently, and ours has evolved over the span of humankind. We are made up of intelligent cells that have learned how to work together as a vast network. According to this article, we think with our whole body, not just with the brain. An algorithm has no such capability.

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The Big Clean-Up

Decluttering helps us reorganize, regroup, and rethink our ways of doing things. We feel more productive because we’ve cleaned out the junk clogging our vital lines to the world. Our digital framework could benefit from this kind of cleaning attention, especially when it comes to passwords, privacy, and folders.

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