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UMBC’s Master of Science degree program and post-baccalaureate Certificate in Systems Engineering address the high demand needs for professionals interested in working with complex systems. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at one such complex system, rockets, and how the rocket industry is changing its dynamic through small rocket businesses. We also look at training the brain for success, the failure and future of Google+, and finding ways to effectively use spare pockets of time.

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Rocket Launch Creates Major Shift for Small Rocket Business

rockt launch

The company Rocket Lab recently launched a rocket carrying small commercial satellites. The great news about this is it’s the beginning of commercial opportunity for small rocket businesses.

Training Your Brain

Super computer

Our brain is a super computer that if trained properly can generate incredible results. To get the most out of our brains, Dr. Richard Feynman, a famous physicist, recommends turning to a useful process called mental modeling (A mental model is an explanation of how something works.)

The Failure of Google+

google plus

Facebook’s rival, Google+, set out to create a social network or else risk everything. With a fear that Facebook would squash them, Larry Page, Google cofounder, put an immediate plan into action, launch Google+. They stumbled to capture the same success as Facebook. What’s in the future for Google+? That is anyone’s guess.

Finding Wasted Pockets of Time

Most of us waste precious time on things that don’t really matter. When we find 20 spare minutes, most of us go into social media to check our newsfeeds or scroll through emails. Are these activities helping us get a handle on productivity? This article from Fast Company explores this.

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