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UMBC has had the honor of having brilliant scientists makes amazing discoveries. Take for instance UMBC’s Sarah Stellwagen, who was the first in world to sequence genes for spider glue. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at another amazing scientific discovery using gravitational waves to determine the history of our universe. We also look at how innovations begin in the creative mind, the dark secret of AI, and an interesting article on shyness.

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Mysteries of the Universe Imagined with Gravitational Waves

The universe is a mystery and continues to baffle the minds of even the most brilliant who have a constant pulse on its complexities. That pulse got a whole lot more interesting when scientists began to investigate the history of the universe using gravitational waves as their baseline.

The Start of Innovations

Ever curious about how innovations actually begin in the mind of creators? A new mathematical model reveals the patterns that arise at the start of innovation.

The Dark Secret of AI

Is there more to AI than meets the current eye? Scientists say yes. AI is teaching itself to do things using algorithms and modeling after humans. This deep learning technology is proving powerful in solving problems humans have been wrestling with for years. The unsettling feeling though is AI creators may soon cross a threshold where that can’t explain why a machine does what it does.

The Scientific Reason Behind Shyness

Shyness plagues many people, keeping them from opportunities both in and out of the office. For a shy person, entering a crowded room full of strangers can be debilitating. What makes someone shy? Is it nature, nature, or both?

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