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UMBC’s BUILD a Bridge to STEM internship program offers students an opportunity to work in small teams to tackle real world research questions. In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a look at how Northrop Grumman’s research in outer space is challenging scientists to ask important questions so as to get life-impacting answers, too.

We also take a peek into free time learning for success, telemedicine solutions, and the new face of the science classroom.

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Planet-Seeking Spacecraft Begins Multi-Year Mission


NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), built by Northrop Grumman, has reached its desirable orbit and will begin its operations. TESS will identify distant planets that orbit a range of stellar types.

Free Time Learning Can Lead to Success


The most successful people in the world are not binge watching television shows at night. They are reading and learning about new things. They are firing off productive chemicals in the brain and challenging themselves to operate at peak state, even in their downtime.

Telemedicine Solutions for Healthcare


With a goal to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, the nation’s lead agency regulating interstate communications has passed a plan to expand the use of telemedicine solutions. The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday unanimously approved a new $100 million Connected Care Pilot Program supporting the use of remote health technology for low-income and rural Americans.

The New Face of the Science Classroom

science experiments for kids

Children can now learn about biological concepts right in the comfort of their homes. A new inexpensive biology kit with freeze-dried DNA allows teens to experiment with biology. They can perform experiments with DNA to produce all sorts of cool stuff like, scents, glowing proteins, and other insightful observations.

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