UMBC’s Community Partnership with St Francis Neighborhood Center [VIDEO]

UMBC’s Graduate Program in Community Leadership and St. Francis Neighborhood Center partnered together for a semester project.

Community Leadership graduate student, Rasheedah Evans, paired up with her mentor from the St. Francis Neighborhood Center, Bre Hill, Development and Events Coordinator, to learn firsthand the essential skills she needs to be an effective community leader. During her time interning with St. Francis Neighborhood Center last semester, Rasheedah learned valuable skills that helped her grow as a professional.

About St. Francis Neighborhood Center:

St. Francis Neighborhood Center has existed since 1963 to raise awareness and bring change to the lives of those we serve in our community of Reservoir Hill & Penn North in Baltimore City. They are the oldest youth enrichment center in the City. Over 1,200 children in this area live below poverty and with your help we can make a difference as we help in stabilizing families. Learn More:

About UMBC’s Graduate Program in Community Leadership:

The Community Leadership graduate program at UMBC prepares aspiring and practicing leaders with the skills and experience needed to generate transformative social change. The interdisciplinary program emphasizes highly applied coursework, relationship building, and hands-on practical experiences which are essential components for developing strong leadership skills.

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