Tackling Today’s Challenges through Digital Transformation [podcast]

Transformation trends are based on emerging technologies being leveraged by businesses, whether in the private or public sector, to run more efficiently and improve their service delivery and operations. The field of systems engineering plays a role in this digital transformation.

“People remain the most important assets. Fancy technologies and their capabilities are nothing without the innovation brought on by the leadership and the direction of the people who use this technology to solve real world problems. The positive impacts that come from taking advantage of digital transformation tools is very exciting.” Dr. Albert Mubako,  D.Mgt, MBA, UMBC Faculty, Digital Transformation Innovation and Sustainability (SYST 691)

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About Digital Transformation Innovation and Sustainability Course (SYST 691)

In fall 2022 students, can enroll in a new course on digital transformation. These topics are important to the systems engineering field. This special topics course will deepen the student’s understanding and critical thinking of digital transformation that is present in modern society. The course will identify and examine the process that contributes to the development cycles to a digital society and digital economy. Digitalization and innovation cycles impact different performance levels, skills, structures and the strategies of the organization, including the ability to respond to external stimuli, the interactions with the stakeholders and the definition of the value propositions. Hence, the Digital transformation course aims also to support the students to comprehend the problems that the digital transformation might produce and, at the same time, to assess the new opportunities that the digitalization unlocks.

About UMBC’s M.S. in Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering encompasses the principles and practices that guide the engineering of complex systems. As technologies become more complex and integrated, systems engineering professionals bridge traditional disciplines and focus on the system as a whole to find the solution that best meets the needs of the end user. Learn more about UMBC’s M.S. in Systems Engineering.

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