The Criticality of Ethical, Reliable, and Beautiful Software Engineering [podcast]

Software is used in every aspect of our daily life. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep.

Software is that invisible writing that connects us to ourselves and others and the world. Software is not just about a window or a page on the screen; it’s about the interaction with hardware, and the contacts of users and environment. The world needs qualified software engineers who have a passion and a drive to make the world a better, smarter place, using ethics as a guiding principle. 

UMBC’s graduate program in Software Engineering prepares students to enter an in-demand workforce with the skills needed to make an impact.

About Software Engineering at UMBC

UMBC’s Master of Professional Studies in Software Engineering and graduate certificate programs provide an education based in software engineering knowledge, technologies, and skills that are widely sought after in today’s economy. After successfully completing these programs, you will acquire strong competencies in modern approaches to software development, implementation, quality assurance, and software testing. In addition, you will gain increased exposure to coursework in leadership, communications, management, and ethics. 

Recent Podcast

Listen to this recent podcast featuring Dr. Mohammad Samarah talk about the necessity of applying an ethical, reliable, and beautiful lens to software engineering.

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