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UMBC researchers are on a mission to explore the potential to revolutionize quantum computing as it relates to the world of technology and communications. In today’s industry news, we take a look at the role of quantum computing and data on new discoveries.

The Role of Quantum Computing in Discovering New Drugs

“The ability of quantum computers to model reality at the most foundational levels positions it as an ideal tool for rapidly searching for new drugs — provided, of course, the computers themselves can work.”

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5G’s Paranoia Effect on the World

Some people experience anxiety when they think about 5G in their world. Some have taken this anxiety to dangerous levels by destroying 5G infrastructure. This article explores how far humans are willing to go to protect themselves from being viewed as data.

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Modeling the Coronavirus

Disease modelers have struggled with the state of modeling when it comes to a pandemic. Researchers build these models to help understand disease in a more comprehensive manner. This article explores what went wrong when researchers scrambled in the early moments of the pandemic to build a model.

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Essential Technology

The connection between science and innovation are confusing. Many automatically assume that the two are interconnected and thus both necessary for the other to exist and move forward. “Even though science and technology have developed into overlapping and mutually reinforcing fields, they were and remain distinct.”

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