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To get a true sense of the power of data and technology, one has to place themselves into the real world and apply it. It’s only then that they get to witness firsthand how the two combine to form critical answers to today’s top questions.

Sandra Pinto Vera ’21, M.P.S. Data Science searched for an opportunity to do just that. “What I expected to get out of the UMBC Data Science Master’s Professional Studies program was a hands on experience and the opportunity to expand my data science skills while working on applicable projects.”

While at UMBC, Sandra took part in a fellowship data science residency program with Women in Data where she completed a full cycle data science project. The project was on analyzing COVID-19 data sets looking at racial disparities in the COVID vaccine rollout. The data told the true story of disparities present.

Tune in to hear more about Sandra’s experience working in the tech world.

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