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UMBC student, Cherie Tebah, began her journey at UMBC Shady Grove after she experienced the welcome from its tight-knit, diverse community who dedicate themselves to helping others succeed.

Now a graduate, she has come full circle and plans to share the same generous mentoring support she received with others. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at the role of mentorship in our professional development and how we can all benefit from it.

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Great Leaders Seek Great Mentors

A great leader isn’t someone who knows everything and expects all to follow. A great leader is someone who is willing to continue to learn, grow, and share. Being willing to take charge of a new venture requires someone who is willing to admit they don’t have all the answers but are willing to seek them out from others who do. Mentors are one of a leader’s greatest assets because they act as that person who can inform thinking and inspire action. This article looks at ways leaders can benefit from mentors.

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How to Find the Perfect Mentor

How will you find someone who will support, encourage, and push you to put your best foot forward? If you turn to the old adage, seek and you shall find, you may end up one step closer. Mentors are everywhere. They can appear at opportune times, disguised as someone we’d never consider a mentor. They can be that person bagging your groceries, signing your paycheck, or sitting at the next table over from you at a cafe. When you set your mind to seek knowledge, you’ll find the source. This article shares 9 other ways to find the perfect mentor for your given situation.

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Experts Share Remote Mentoring Tips

Whether you’re a mentor or seeking a mentor, accessing and delivering information remotely adds a layer of challenges not experienced in a face-to-face world. This article shares tips from mentoring experts on ways to improve remote interaction that can be applied in almost all online communication.

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Dealing with the Anxiety of a Pandemic

This pandemic gives us a lot to consider. Some have lost their jobs, financial security, future plans, the list goes on. These losses can produce a variety of anxious feelings that if not managed can wreak havoc on life. This article shares a resource for those seeking a mentor’s view on pushing through during these challenging times.

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