The Art of Leaving a Legacy | UMBC Stories of Success [Podcast]

Ever wonder what could happen when you decide to pursue something not for money, prestige, or advancement, but for the pure love of learning and sharing?

When that freedom is offered, brainstorming innovations takes on a whole new level. Graduate student, Donald Drummer, of the UMBC Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Leadership graduate program likes to call this Popcorn Thinking.

Whenever passion drives you to make the world a better place than you found it, magic happens. Lives change. Communities form. Purpose drives you forward, a purpose to do better in a world that needs you. This was the catalyst for Drummer to come out of this retirement and pursue advanced education. He wants to leave a legacy behind for his loved ones. He’s embarking on an entrepreneurial venture with the potential to change the future for his loved ones. Tune in to hear his story as he shares insights from his many years leading teams both in the civilian and military worlds and his dreams of innovating life-changing technologies and resources.

“I’m retired with a lot of gas left in the tank. So I enjoy studying and learning new ways to give back.” – Donald Drummer

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